Electronic Press Kit – Nature’s Apprentice



Name: Nature’s Apprentice
Aliases: Nat App, Bobby FKN White, DJ Whistleblower
Occupation: Rapper, DJ/Turntablist, Illustrator
Current Location: Portland, Oregon
Associated Acts: Underground Unheard, True Believers, Kin of Merlin

Nature’s Apprentice is a rapper, DJ, turntablist and illustrator currently based out of Portland, Oregon. His music career began in 2005 when he founded the independent record label/music collective “Underground Unheard”. Since then he has published three full length albums, three EPS, four compilations and has performed hundreds of shows throughout the United States. Nature’s Apprentice (aka Nat App) has held many titles such as talent scout/buyer, executive record producer, FM radio show host, booker, and night club manager.

Until recently, Nat App released music under several different monikers; “Bobby FKN White”, “True Believers” and “DJ Whistleblower”. These projects contained strong politically charged lyrics/messages about freedom and standing up against unjust systems of oppression. In the early to mid 2000’s the content started to become shadow banned, down-ranked and even blacklisted on almost all social media platforms. The music video “Money Jam” by True Believers immediately went viral and reached 130,000 organic views on YouTube in three weeks and was shortly censored within a month of being released.

In early 2023 Nat App released the first part of the long awaited concept album “The Epic of Nature’s Apprentice”, a four part EP with coinciding graphic novels. It is a story about an ostracized occultist who becomes lost in various frequencies of existence. Each EP is a different frequency with different stories, characters and even a different beat producer for each one. Throughout all four EPs you can find many collaborating musical artists who are also characters in the story. Some Rap heavyweights include Kool Keith (aka Dr. Octagon), Eligh (of Living Legends), Illogic, Sleep (of Old Dominion), Namid Wolf and Relik.

Video: https://youtu.be/FvLxYdMpAOI