“The hardest part is the constant wonder. Was it worth it? Did I make the right choice? Perhaps I should have followed “The Code” instead of listening to my heart. Its not often I doubt my self so this particular situation has me in a position beyond perplexed. I put everything I have at risk… my friends, my family, my soul and perhaps something much deeper beyond my comprehension. “The Order” is a brotherhood that deals one third in the physical, one third in the virtual and one third in the ethereal. Since my birth I was groomed into taking their life-long oath, a sacred pact, that would bound me to servitude for this subversive cult. They teach us that to belong is a privilege from the Gods. That Leaving is a sin. That leaving the brotherhood is impossible…

…But I found a way out!”

Introducing “The Epic of Nature’s Apprentice – F1:EME” COMIC BOOK!

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