“The Epic of Nature’s Apprentice – F1:EME” COMIC BOOK!!!

“The Epic of Nature’s Apprentice – F1:EME” is debut release from his MAGNUM OPUS by Nature’s Apprentice (formerly known as Bobby FKN White). It is a fictional dual personal narrative comic that also contains the digital album download, story, lyrics and bonus material. This comic includes a link to a multi-layer interactive game of ciphers, riddles and codes that rewards you with the unreleased digital audio album “The Epic of Nature’s Apprentice – F2:WHO”.

“The Epic of Nature’s Apprentice – F1:EME” comic book is dropping Halloween night 2023! Digital and Physical copies will be for sale to the general public.

Each version of the comic is interactive with QR codes for additional bonus material including a series of ciphers and riddles that when completed successfully will unlock the unreleased album in the series, “The Epic Of Nature’s Apprentice – F2:WHO”.