“The Epic of Nature’s Apprentice – F1:EME” [Limited Edition12″ Records] NOW AVAILABLE!!


This 12″ lathe-cut record is a limited edition (only 20 total). It was hand-crafted by cutting micro-grooves into a polycarbonate disc using a record lathe. The machine that was used to make this record is a refurbished and modified lathe from the 1950’s with a brand new sapphire stylus. The record was cut in real time and in high quality mono. It has been inspected and guaranteed by the staff of Fortune Ave Studios.

“F1:EME” by Nature’s Apprentice [Limited Edition 12″ Record]
Music Produced by EmE Copyright 2023 UU Crew Records

– 12″ clear lathe cut record
– Limited Edition
– Non-Skip
– Full color cardstock jacket sleeve
– Poly-wrapped

Mixed & Mastered by Whokairs?
Scratches by Relik
Featured Vocals by Namid Wolf
Featured Raps by Illogic, ECO

– Track Listing:


1. F1 (Prologue)
1. Reflector is Connector
3. Cultivate A Mindstate feat. Illogic
4. Dreyfus City (Metro of Color)


1. Nocturnal
2. Forgotten Pixels / Forever Endeavour (feat. ECO)


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